Bo Sanchez

Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

Joe Dickson

Mr. Ajax, Ontario, Canada

I’ve known Anna as a very loving wife to her husband and a mom to her four children. But what I really appreciate about her is that her household responsibilities didn’t get her way to pursue her dreams and become a successful serial entrepreneur. She doesn’t just excel in everything she decides to do but also is winning good relationships with every person she meets. I’m a real witness to her great progress and, of course, great success. She is a living testimony that mother have greatness in themselves. Anna just proves that a stay-at-home mom can possibly excel in the world of business, not only in one but in a lot more, creating multiple income streams in the comfort of her home. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to mentor this exceptionally strong woman. Finally, I’m also overjoyed to know that she wrote this book to help every mom in the world. I highly recommend that you buy this book. You’ll invest in something you’ll never regret.

“I’ve always said, “Behind every good man, there is a great woman.” Anna is one of my constituents in our town of Ajax. I’m more than proud to learn that she wrote a book, Mommy Means Business, with her aim to share her wisdom with fellow moms around the world. Her experiences and expertise will be a gold mine to everyone who will read her beautifully authored book. Mothers play a very important role in every household, more so in our society.”